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Gokulam Travels cab Service, A car rental company providing tourist Cabs at competitive prices in Kerala to our esteemed clients. We have a fleet of all kinds of cabs, and tempo traveller to provide a safe and comfortable journey. Gokulam Travels, located at 4/486, Gokulam Park NH Road Kochi, Ernakulam in Kerala offers the highest quality of car rental services available on the market today. We have provided superior..

We organize backwater cruise tours with experienced and dedicated staff. All our houseboats are well equipped with security equipment and highly hygienic atmosphere. We offer plush accommodation in the form of presidential houseboats with an exclusive room overlooking a man-made lagoon.

We have a fleet of 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms houseboats, Shikara Boats which can accommodate up to 200 persons.

Kochi is one of the best tourist attraction of Kerala. If you're planning to visit this marvellous mixture of nature and man-made tourist attraction, adequate knowledge about houseboat tours would be necessary for you. So, to make your expectation meets reality while spending your desirable stay in a houseboat, here are the details of the best houseboat tours in Kochi.

Houseboat tours are the backwater experience which will let you travel across the rivers on a houseboat. Houseboats are built using elongated wood planks tying together by coconut fibres. Eco-friendly materials such as palm wood, jackfruit tree wood, bamboo poles, bamboo mats, black resins extracted from cashew nutshell etc are also used for constructing these boats. You can enjoy relaxing Kochi boat house cruise for some hours if you choose day stay, while you can stay the whole night on the houseboat for night stay package. Size of the houseboat varies, from a single room houseboat to double floor houseboat Kochi provides a range of houseboat to its visitors. Based on your preferences, you can choose to have day or night stay on a houseboat.

Your experience on a houseboat will vary based on season and the type of houseboat. If you want to get a break from city noise, technology and day-to-day stress, Kochi backwater experience is a perfect remedy for you. Travelling across the river, viewing the pristine form of nature will make you realise the tranquillity of life. Staying overnight in houseboat will let you lose in the serenity of nature when you sit to observe the night sky with the mesmerising sound of water. Backwater is the stagnant form of water in the river or canal and Kochi backwater has formed in the course of mixing saline water of the Arabian sea and fresh river water of Kochi. It's spread across the chain of brackish rivers, lagoons and lakes lying along the Arabian sea.

A single houseboat tour across this backwater can offer you the outline view of Kochi. As the Kochi is rich in flora and fauna, you can observe bird chirping while cruising, that will stays with you as an everlasting splendid memory. Cochin boathouse provides a wide variety of facilities to the visitors. It offers the room with all basic amenities, and you’ll also get an onboard cook to serve you hot delicious foods. Availability of large lounge area is suitable for tourists to know each other on a shared houseboat, while a sundeck will let you sit and enjoy the sun in the middle of the cruise. Cochin boathouse tour is one of the best ways to spend your next vacation with your loved one. Whatever you’re going through in life, this houseboat tour will lift you and push forward to do wonders ahead.


Leadership : At Gokulam Travels, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a world-class car rental company. Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the travel market. You can rest assured that, that after hiring Gokulam travels service you will enjoy a professional and world-class service.

Customer Relations : At Gokulam travels, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile to keep you satisfied. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business.

Safety Feature: The complete safety and comfortable Journey of our clients is our prime objective. All our cabs are fitted with Security Laminate on window panes providing safety from accidental injury to the passengers sitting inside the vehicle. The film provides 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and rejects 70% of outside heat.

Drivers: Our drivers are courteous, co-operative having good driving experience and with no major accident record. They are skilled to drive the tourist vehicles on the national highway, hill areas and city conditions. They will make every effort to make your journey comfortable and memorable.

Essentials: Essentials: Our cabs are provided with the necessary utility items like… mobile phones with emergency contact numbers, spare Tyre in good condition, stereo music, solid steel luggage carriers to keep bulky luggage and solid steel front and a rear bumper guard for additional safety. The newspaper and other reading material, icebox, umbrella are also available on request. The driver always carries the Emergency Medicine kit along with puke bags to take care of your journey sickness.

General Cleanliness & Maintenance: All our cabs are serviced and washed thoroughly after return from each journey. The cars are waxed at regular intervals and vacuum cleaned and sprayed with mild fragrance every day before reporting for duty to provide clean and well-maintained cabs to our esteemed clients.

Valid Tourist Permit: Our cabs are approved commercial vehicles with valid All India Tourist Permit and insured to carry Tourists/ Passengers. It means you are completely safe and insured in using our vehicle's.


    Please note that Kilometer is charged from Garage to Garage.

    Terms of Service – Strictly Cash (INR - Indian Rupees).

    Mode of Payment – 50% advance and balance 50% as and when required by the Driver.

    Please note that the quoted and agreed per km charges are excluding of the Driver TA, Toll Taxes, State Taxes, Parkings are applicable in addition to the quoted per km charges. Tips to the driver are at the discretion of Hirer.

    Please check the Starting Kilometer reading on duty slip before the start of Journey.

    Please keep the Driver Name, Mobile Number and Vehicle Registration Number Safely with you.

    Please Call +91 860 696 32 25 in case of emergency during the Journey.

    Please inform the driver well in advance about the journey schedule, breaks and route deviations.

    Please do not divert the driver's attention while driving and take extra care when accompanied by children.

    Please wait for the complete halt of the vehicle and wait for the driver's instruction before disembarking and opening the doors and always disembark from the left side doors for your safety.

    Travel by Night should be avoided for maximum safety and please DO NOT force the Driver to continue driving if he is feeling sleepy, tired or dizzy and allow him to take some rest or tea break etc. This is for your safety.

    If smoking is must then kindly tell the Driver to switch off the air conditioner and open the window glasses for proper ventilation.

    Consumption of alcohol in the vehicle is prohibited. Your co-operation is solicited.

    Offering an alcoholic drink or beverage to the driver is Strictly Prohibited

    For travel related sickness and Puke Bag please inform the driver immediately.

    Please do not leave cash and other valuables in the vehicle. The Company will not be held responsible for the loss of any valuables or cash during the Journey.

    All payments for fuel etc. paid by the hirer during the journey will be considered as advance and shall be adjusted in the final bill.

    Kindly carry sufficient Cash to avoid any inconvenience during the journey.

    In case of Car breakdown, the hirer is liable to pay the charges up to the point of journey completed.

    On completion of duty please check that the driver has correctly entered the ending Kilometer reading in the duty slip.

    Please sign the duty slip after duty and hand it over to the driver at the time of relieving the vehicle and making the full and final payment.

    If you have any concern/suggestions about the service please mention the same at the backside of duty Slip. In case of dispute, it shall be subjected to Delhi Jurisdiction only.

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