The land of God, Kerala is believed to be a gift of the Arabian Sea. The pride of Kerala are Gorgeous and Exotic Beaches, breathtaking hill Stations, Enchanting waterfalls, Beautiful lagoons, Meandering rivers and Amazing natural scenarios. These colours are made Kerala as a land of beauty and paradise on earth.

Kerala is an established destination for both domestic as well as foreign tourists. Kochi is one of the best tourist attraction of Kerala. If you're planning to visit this marvellous mixture of nature and man-made tourist attraction, adequate knowledge about houseboat tours would be necessary for you. So, to make your expectation meets reality while spending your desirable stay in a houseboat, here are the details of the best houseboat tours in Kochi. Your experience on a houseboat will vary based on season and the type of houseboat. If you want to get a break from city noise, technology and day-to-day stress, Kochi backwater experience is a perfect remedy for you.

Travelling across the river, viewing the pristine form of nature will make you realise the tranquillity of life. Staying overnight in houseboat will let you lose in the serenity of nature when you sit to observe the night sky with the mesmerising sound of water.

Backwater is the stagnant form of water in the river or canal and Kochi backwater has formed in the course of mixing saline water of the Arabian sea and fresh river water of Kochi. It's spread across the chain of brackish rivers, lagoons and lakes lying along the Arabian sea.

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